Body Tracking Software

Visible body change - More motivation - Better results

  • Set reasonable goals
  • Test your fitness level
  • Discover your body composition
  • Build a habit of progress tracking
  • Get fit easier and sooner!

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Three Simple Steps to

power up YOUR fitness efforts


1. Goals

FitSmarty helps you determine reasonable weight and fitness goals that are possible for you to reach. Clear and attainable goals keep you away from frustration and motivate you through your journey towards a fit and healthy body.

2. Measuring

FitSmarty analyzes your weight, circumferences and resting heart rate. It tracks your results and tells you interesting facts about your body. Knowing your body and it's composition lets you make wiser choices about your work out/eating plans.

3. Fitness Tests

FitSmarty shows you where your fitness level is compared to an average person and keeps track of your progress. Seeing your progress in "black and white" is a huge motivation booster and helps you stay on track even when life gets on the way.

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How can I get one?

Talk to your gym..

Currently we do not sell FitSmarty Body Tracking Software in retail. You can get it only if your gym has a contract with us..

Talk to your gym..

Frequently Asked Questions

How is FitSmarty different from other Fitness and Weight Loss software?

FitSmarty is dedicated to progress tracking. So you can concentrate on working out and eating healthy while enjoying the power of motivation from your results. FitSmarty is easy to use. You do not have to start learning the software. As soon as you open it, you know how to use it. FitSmarty works offline! As it is a software, not a webpage you do not have to be connected to internet in order to use it.

What is FitSmarty Cloud?

FitSmarty Cloud is an extra feature of FitSmarty. If you activate the Cloud you can upload your data to a web based server in one click. This means you can use FitSmarty in multiple computers and synchronize their data via web. Or you can simply use the cloud as a backup for your FitSmarty data.

What's required to use FitSmarty?

FitSmarty has installers for Windows, Mac and Linux operations systems. Currently FitSmarty DOES NOT work on tablets or smartphones.

Where can I go for technical support?

In case of any need for techical support just write our friendly crew at info@localhost:8000.

Can I use FitSmarty in multiple computers?

Yes you can. You can use FitSmarty in multiple computers and synchronize their data via web. (For Syncronizing you have to activate the Cloud feature!)

HELP! I still have questions!

No worries. Contact us here, we're happy to help.

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