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Yoga is all the rage these days, right? Seems like you can’t walk down the street without passing someone carrying their purse on one shoulder and their yoga mat on the other.

Well there’s a good reason for that, Yoga works, and if you’re into fitness or just interested in feeling better you too should know about  the fantastic benefits people from all walks of life are getting from doing Yoga.

Some of the many benefits are:

  • strength
  • balance
  • flexibly
  • concentration
  • emotional poise
  • recuperation
  • relief from aches and pains
  • a general sense of being connected to oneself

Testimonials to YOGA

Most folks will simply tell you that Yoga makes them feel great, but getting a little more specific is helpful because many people don’t realize that Yoga is helping a lot of people with a lot of different issues, naturally.

Good stuff, and surprisingly well-rounded. Testimonials about health benefits from Yoga abound, and cover an incredibly vast array of issues. Yoga can fix a lot of problems in the body because it corrects imbalances, and if you know what you’re doing you can use Yoga to at least support and alleviate almost any issue.

Move your body / Concentrate / Enjoy the benefits

It’s common sense really, that moving the body in all of the right ways while concentrating on what you’re doing is very good for you.

The Yoga poses strengthen weak muscles and lengthen tight ones, while supporting all of the body’s organic systems like the circulatory, pulmonary,  digestive, nervous, immune, etc systems.

Yoga alignment [IMPORTANT!]

Therefore, do Yoga, feel great. There is, however, one hugely important thing you should know about, and that is alignment.

As with any physical endeavor your results get better as your technique improves, and Yoga is no different.  Do it correctly and you’ll get fantastic results, but do it incorrectly and you may have fantastic, mediocre, or poor results but more importantly you might get injured.

That’s not good.

When practicing Yoga poses, doing it correctly means practicing with proper alignment.

Every body is crooked

Everybody has a body and every body is crooked.

Not a big deal, just the way it is, we call that posture. Your posture reflects your body’s imbalances. One shoulder is high, the other forward, one foot rolls out more, that kind of thing.

If you practice Yoga poses without knowing how to create the correct alignment, then your body’s patterns will tell your body how to do the pose - That’s no good! We want just the opposite.

Little by little, but CORRECT alignment

You should use your Yoga practice to balance, little by little, your postural habits. You do this by learning the correct alignment points in the postures, and then focusing on that while you practice.

If the knee is rolling in it’s not straight, and if it’s rolling out it’s not straight. Practicing the Yoga poses with the knees pointing straight ahead is correct alignment, very good for the body, and impossible to do without observing and concentrating.

As proper alignment gives you the best results from the time you put into practicing Yoga, it also works to protect you from injury. You won’t get injured if you’re body is in good alignment.

Worth the rage

Yoga’s all the rage but it’s a rage worth joining. You’ll have your own reason but if you’re practicing correctly you too will say it makes you feel great!

Guest Post

Christian Leeby has been raging Yoga since before it was all the rage (:  Visit him at

Read more about Yoga Poses here:

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